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Jim Rowell lives just east of Atlanta on a small farm over-looking a pasture with horses and a flowing creek. He can often be found sitting in an antique barber chair on his front porch, enjoying his retirement years. After suffering a heart attack and surgery in 1999, Jim decided it was time to turn in his badge and gun after serving with the DeKalb County Police Department of Metro Atlanta for 28 years. He left as a Police Captain, having served in uniform, burglary, youth and sex crimes, and his favorite, the homicide unit.

After retiring, Jim renewed his efforts to publish a manuscript he had written ten years before for his two children. Calling his story "Granny and the Eskimo; Angels in Vietnam, it describes his journey through life from youth to Vietnam where he experienced what can only be described as a paranormal event involving his mother and grandmother the day he was wounded in an ambush. He also tells the reader about his friendship with his mentor on the battlefield, the Eskimo. It was the Eskimo's untimely death on a cold winter night in Anchorage, Alaska that prompted Jim to write his story. The book can be found at several sites by clicking on the book icon above.

Jim's current time is spent documenting his family genealogy and tying up loose ends on his family tree with travelling around the South to the old homeplaces of his ancestors, one of whom fought in the Revolutionary War and another for the Confederacy during the War Between the States. What he has discovered on these ancestors can be accessed by clicking on the Georgia flag located at the top of the page.

Is there another book in Jim's future. If there is, it will almost certainly be about the "Hunting of Man," either as a Soldier or a Police Detective.

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