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 07/17/2024 10:46 PM


Am. Legion Emblem

Big Bird



Georgia Flag







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- American Legion Logo
- The inner ring denotes the welfare of America's children.
- The outer ring stands for the rehablitation of our sick and disabled buddies.
- The rays of the sun form the background of our proud emblem, and suggest that the Legion's principles will dispel the darkness of violence and evil.
- The star, victory symbol of World War II, signalizes as well; honor, glory, and constancy. The letters U.S. leave no doubt as to the brightest star in the Legion star.
- The words AMERICAN LEGION tie the whole together for truth, remembrance, constancy, honor, service, veterans affairs and rehabilitation, children and youth, loyalty, and Americanism.
- The wreath forms the center, in loving memory of those brave comrades who gave their lives in the service of the United States, that liberty might endure.


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