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DeKalb Co. Police

Jim Rowell joined the DeKalb County Police Department, a county just east of and adjacent to the City of Atlanta, in 1973, after graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in Criminal Justice. He rose through the ranks as a patrolman, then Burglary Detective, then was assigned to the coveted Homicide Squad. He was promoted to Sergeant and served as line supervisor of the Homicide Unit during the Missing and Murdered Children case in the Metro Atlanta area in the early 1980s. He was promoted to Lieutenant and commanded the Youth and Sex Crimes unit until he was promoted to Police Captain. It was operating in this capacity as Assistant Precinct Commander with Captain Derwin Brown as a partner, who would run for Sheriff in DeKalb County in 1999 and be elected, only to be gunned down in his driveway before taking office, that Jim Rowell would suffer two massive heart attacks and undergo heart by-pass surgery. He was forced into retirement later that year, but his heart remains to this day with the Department.

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